Bulk Material

We have vast resource and distribution network across Asia Pacific region which makes us stayed competitive. We could tailor-make material according to customer's application.

Aluminum Deoxidant Products

We supply Al Shots / Pellet/ Puck/ Cone, Al Briquettes, Al Powder, Al Granules, Al Shredded, Al Flakes, Al Wires, etc.
Material is originated and distributed from Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia dependence on the proximity.

Ferro Alloys

Ferro Silicon, Silicon Manganese, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Vanadium , Ferro Niobium

Carbon & Coke

Metallurgical Coke, Coke Breeze, Petroleum Coke, Carbon Additive, Recarburiser, Anthracite, originated from China.

Cored Wires

We supply Pure Calcium solid wires, CaSi and CaFe cored wires for desulphurization treatment in ladle furnace.


Synthetic Slag, Silicon Carbide, Light Burnt Mangnesia MgO, Flourspar, Dolomite originated from China