We supply a wide range of consumables to steel mills. Some of the common items shall be thermocouple probe, sampler, oxygen probe, hydrogen probe, contact block and its MICC cable. Other range of consumables shall include copper mould tube, copper mould plate and mould casting powder. Above mentioned consumables require experienced and skilled engineer to fine-tuning the products in order to give stability to the customer's application.

Copper Mould Tubes

We design and supply copper mould tubes to billet, beam blank and bloom casters. Said copper mould tube design is highly dependence on the billet size, caster radius and casting speed.

Copper Mould Plates

Below depicts copper mould plates for CSP mill.

Mould Casting Powder

Mould Casting Powder is filled between copper mould and molten steel surface with ability to give lubrication effect and heat transfer control during the molten steel crystallization in mould. It plays an important role to minimize the edge crack and various surface defects by having a suitable viscosity and basicity characteristic of mould casting powder.