We have strategic arrangement with steel mills on projects and purchase outsource that include supervisory installation and commissioning of equipments and spares. Also, our technical team has vast experience in diagnosing, revamping and modernizing their existing equipment so to improve the mill productivity and efficiency. Our engineers are deployed and attached to site to provide a prompt technical service and support.

CSP Segment Roller Column & Centerline Revamp

CSP Segment Roller Column & Centerline Revamp

Cooling Tower FRP Replacement

Supersonic Oxygen Slag Door Lancing System

Hot Gas Duct

Hot Gas Duct

Water Cooled Duct

EAF Roof Panel

Ladle Roof Panel

Ladle Roof Elbow

HSM Segment Mandrel & Shear Blade

Hot Arm

Water Cooled Cable

EAF Bottom Shell Fabrication

Ladle Fabrication

Connecting Carhood

Oxygen & Carbon Jets

Oxygen Tips

CCM & Machinery

CCM Revamping

Erosion Grid & Segments

Heat Resistant Part, Tie Rolls, Hearth Rolls, Radiant Tubes

Universal Spindles

Direct Cooling Rolls

Preflex Rolls

Water Spraying, Torch Cutting and Measurement Lance

Intra-red Camera Billet Cut-to-length

Load Cells & Wireless Weighing System

Ladle Shroud Manipulator

Slewing Bearing for Ladle Turret

Pinch Rolls

Ladle Cars

Ladle Turret

DC Motors

FIlter Bags

Hydraulic Cylinders

Industrial Conveyor Belts