We supply total refractory solutions to various steel mills. Material is originated from China, India and Malaysia. Refractory engineer is deployed and attached to site in order to attend a prompt technical service and support.

Monolithic Refractories

Consist of EAF bottom ramming mix, gunning mix, spinning mix, tundish spray mass, tundish dry mix, various castable and ladle back filler.

Shape Refractories

Consist of EPT Taphole, ladle shroud, purging plug, sliding plates, ladle nozzle, collector nozzle, well blocks, seating blocks, various precast, tundish weir, dam, impact, pad, SEN, metering nozzle, monoblock stopper, etc.


Consist of Magnesia Carbon bricks, and Dolomite Bricks for use in EAF and ladle.