Rolls for Rolling Mill

We are specialized in cast roll supply ranging from cantilever rings, kock mill rings, sleeves, bar mill rolls, section mill rolls, seamless tube rolls, piercing rolls, reeler rolls, universal mill rolls and hot strip mill rolls. Material range shall include nodular iron, cast steel, adamite steel, centrifugal casting, ICDP, HiCr, HSS, Semi-HSS.

For forged roll quality, we supply work rolls to cold mills as well as back-up rolls to both hot strip mills and cold mills in steel, aluminum and stainless steel industries. Common material shall be in 3Cr and 5Cr qualities.

Heavy Section Steel Roll and Back up Roll Refurbishment

This technology relates to the know how of special alloy steel cored welding rod making and welding process on the heavy section steel rollers and back-up rollers. Welding has be done up to 30 mm thick for back-up rolling application. Said technology is proven and commercialized in China Baotou iron & Steel Group which has given a tremendous cost saving up to 50% roll consumption.

Grooved Rolls

Kock Mill Rings / Cantilever Rings

Seamless Tube Rolls

Reeler Rolls / Piercing Rolls

Universal Tube / Sleeve

Universal Mill Rolls

Hot Strip Mill Rolls

For finishing stand application. Material is available in HiCr, enhanced ICDP and HSS.

High Speed Steel Rolls

Notching & Engraving Machine

Aligator Shear


Taper Gauge Inspection

Precision machining, grinding and taper gauge inspection are required for those rolls that possess of taper angle (e.g. 1/12 deg) on roll neck.